julio 12, 2009


y aqui les dejo otra traducción pero esta vez de la revista the television de nuevo los chicos se ven geniales así es que espero que les guste por cierto me encanta que alucinen y lo digo por una persona que le pasa seguido jajajajaja...!
bueno esta es la traducción y las imagenes

The song "Everything" with the memorable phrase, "Signal that changes from red to blue"
What do you want them to stop?
Give a red signal to the member's behavior.

(Pointing to Ohchan) I guess getting tanned?
Right now, he looks really red.
Well, If I get a tan, I turn red, and when I wear make up, I turn blue.
So this song is linked with my sunburn.

It's Not! (Laugh)

Then an experience that made you turn pale?
It was a concert we did a long time ago, when Ohno kun and I did quick costume change
When I pulled down Ohno kun's pants, he was only wearing underwear and that made me turn pale.

That made me pale too. The audience saw everything. (Laugh)

Speaking of pants,
There was the accident that Aiba kun's pants were torn at the Kokuritsu last year.

That made me pale.
It was the first day of the show, so I was worried about what to do for the next day.
However the Costume staffs were ab
le to fix it.

You were the only one that suddenly had something wrapped around your waist. (Laugh)
That was most they can do to camouflage!

au CM's settings are "If we are not ARASHI"
If you think about that settings what it will be?

Nino will be a baseball player, right?
Yup. That was a dream when I was little.
You will look good on Yakult's uniform.
Actually Nino is a Giants fan.
In that case, you should say Giants! (Laugh)
Matsujun will be in a fashion industry.
How about the owner of a store.
But it's not in Harajuku. I think it's more like Aoyama area. Aoyama 1-chome!
Actually 1-chome is far from a shopping area.
Sho chan seems to be able to do anything.
Elementary school teacher!
I have an image that he is good with kids.
I'm glad to hear that. But I think it's a Cho hard job. Being an elementary school teacher.
When you're writing on a blackboard, children are throwing erasers at each other behind you. (Laugh)
Aiba kun will be a Chinese chef?
I didn't think of anything other than that.
I was thinking going to a culinary school after graduating from high school
Because you are the oldest son ne.
But your dad refused. Saying "It's ok" (Laugh)
No, that's not it! He said "It's wrong that I decide your future. You should decide it."
Cho hot! Nice story. Riida will be the last one. What will he be?
On the CM, Aiba kun did a bakery but Riida, you wanted to become a baker right?
My first ever dream was to become a baker.
Do you still want to now?
I want to. Then,I'm fine with a bakery.
Will you stop saying like that, please. (Laugh)


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