julio 12, 2009


esta es la pequeña traducción de el ultimo hisitsu el cual esta super divertido si lo pueden descargar por favor veanlo se los recomiendo les dejo los videos de youtube y la traducción

Where would you go on a first date?
On a walk
walk around and have a casual talk . Do whatever we feel like.

to have a topic to talk about after. To sit next to each other. To get closer..

Because I like the ocean. We can hang at the beach. And if we get bored, I will bring my fishing pole so she can try. If she gets bored I still want to fish a little. I think it will be more fun if we decide what to do there.

To eat
I thought it's more easier to talk and decide what to do next. Had an image of going to the Karaoke Box and be alone together.

Baseball game
We can play a game like if the next person gets a home run, let's buy some beer. And teach her things about baseball like who the players are.

If the food your girlfriend made tasted bad. And she asked you "Is it good?" what would you say?
Tell her honestly
I think it's better to tell her at the beginning. Cause, if she has a party and the food tastes bad it will be embarrassing to her.
But I will still eat all of it.

Say "it's good" and hope it will be better next time.
Maybe it's because I didn't like that certain food, but maybe next time it will be something I like and that's good.
I never leave food on a plate!

Say "It tastes bad!"
I don't have any food that I think tastes bad.

Tell her honestly.
Say "It's good but next time add a little more of this."

What will you do if you saw your girlfriend walking with another guy?
I won't do anything.
If I don't trust her, I wouldn't go out with her.

Do nothing but wait and see how things go.
I want to wait until she tells me.

Leave it
I'll think it's nothing so I won't bother.

Purposely text her.
When I saw the question, I thought it was like I was jealous or something.
And I will purposely text her "Have fun".....
Follow her.
I want to make sure. I just don't want to accuse her of anything.
If nothing happens, next time I see her I will tell her that I followed her and I'm sorry.
If something happens, I will go up to her right away


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