julio 11, 2009


Aqui les dejo una traducción que encontre por ahi de una revista que sacaron apenas los chicos solo que esta en ingles así es que espero que les sirva y tambien les dejo la revista para descargar

download magazine:

*From Aiba chan to Ohchan
Speaking of summer, it will be the memory of concerts,
I think Riida often toasts bread in the dressing room for the concert.
It was a Riida who used the toaster most.
What he is passionate for...Sorry I can't think of anything but fishing.(Laugh)
He basically doesn't want to show his passionate side.
Please take me fishing this summer
To a place where you can catch fish easily
(If the timing is right, I will take you!
I went fishing with Sho chan once for a magazine coverage.
But I haven't gone with any other member.)

*From Ohchan to Nino
When it says a memory of the summer with Nino, will it be OmiyaSK?
Every year, toward the concert we think about nonsense and talk about this and that. (Laugh)
(How come you are able to play Nino's solo song by piano?)
I saw Nino playing at the rehearsal and I learned it next to him.
Nino has a stage after a long time this summer. I'm going to see it!

We asked Ohno san what he had spoken to Nino by the string telephone when they were taking these pictures.
He answered
"Suki! (Love ya)" in a dignified manner...

*From Nino to Jun kun
Every year, I feel "Ah~ summer is almost over." when I start thinking about a birthday present for Jun kun.
How about this summer, why don't we go on a date? I want to. (Laugh)
I will ask you out and I want you to decide where to go.
I will go wherever Jun kun wants to go.

Receiving a Love message from Nino, Jun kun said
"Well, then shall we go see Fireworks in Yukatas?"

*From Jun kun to Sho chan
A summer memory with Sho kun,
The photograph taken at the time of the Kokuritsu last year was immediately burned onto a CD, and gave it to us. They are such nice photos.
Certain angles that can be taken because it is a member.
I think what's great about Sho kun is his effort to deepen his understandings on his work and related things.
The way he carries out studying or checks information is cool.

For Jun kun's request,
"Will you please take photos for this summer too. (Laugh)"
"Leave it to me. I bought a new camera." "I'm just happy that everyone is pleased. "

*From Sho chan to Aiba chan
Aiba chan who is easily moved and sweaty
You often ordered a meal in the rehearsal room for the concert last summer.
It was okay to order, Although I warn you that you'll become sleepy,

but you ate and you seemed too sleepy at night.(Laugh).
And this year, we shot a scene of summer for the CM together, I have an image of Aiba=Water.
I want to go to the beach or pool, if we could. (Laugh)
After he heard Sho kun's wish, Aiba chan said "Well, then I'm gonna buy swimming trunks"
Sho kun said "Please get a Boomerang pants(Brief Type)." "Alright! I wonder if they sell Boomerang pants now.?(Laugh)"


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dann dijo...

Me gusto la entrevista!!!

Ohmiya yay!!!

waaa yo kiero q Nino me invite a una cita en mi cumple a ver fuegos artificiales como a Jun jejeje!!! aunque a mi me dan miedo O.O, pero si estoy con Nino no hay problem jijiji!!
ash ya estoy delirando otra vez jejeje XD!!!

gracias por la entrevista, esta genial, me encantan las cosas q dicen XD!!


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