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I leave the translation them of a part of magazine POTATO I hope that they really like the boys that they strive and they are known very well

It's rare having an interview with Riida.

Yup. It's been a while.
The theme is "Teamwork"
Although people often say "ARASHI gets along well", but we don't do anything consciously.
I guess we are the group that look at the situation around us very well.
We were same as now from the time of our debut.
So this is normal, it doesn't mean much to me when people say "You guys get along well"
...I wonder what others are like.(Laugh)
I guess that ARASHI became this atmosphere because Riida is older and an easy going character.
If someone like me was a leader, maybe we wouldn't get along well.
Saying such a thing by yourself. (Laugh)
There is no distinctions of being older and younger.
When the oldest person in a group is too serious, it is likely to be divided with the younger person.
Sorry, Riida. But I'm saying it in a good meaning.(Laugh)
Is that so....(Laugh)
Riida doesn't interfere.
Because I don't like to be controlled.
But, It is consistent that Riida do and you are stoic to yourself.
If you are the type to over controlled, I think this group didn't continue for this long. (Laugh)
Hun. (with chuckle) When think it now, nothing was considered even if we appeared in the variety program at the time of our debut.
We didn't do anything but laugh.
That only thing we could do.(Laugh) But members character hasn't changed.
Yup. Basically, we haven't changed, but how to show it is different case by case.
Even though we are like that, our "VS ARASHI" goes into prime time from October.
Can you believe such ARASHI san will.(Laugh)
We used to do late night program only.
There was a time when people said "They (ARASHI) have the image of late night." (Laugh)
I don't want to change much because the characteristics of ARASHI seems to disappear when it's made too much.
I think so. Riida, you don't give an opinion at the meeting of a TV and a concert.
When many opinions come out, I don't know what a correct answer is anymore.(Laugh)
Maa, I keep silent because I trust everyone. There is nothing to demand.
Nothing? Seriously?
Yup. Because I have no desire. (Laugh) If a member wants to do in certain way, I won't oppose it.
But you are particular about your solo at the concert.
Maa, That's different.
....Come to think of it, I had an Ohno boom in myself last year.
When was it?
When Riida was doing the drama "Maou" I made such a talk in a magazine to heap up a drama.
You did. I didn't know that. Matsujun, you are always nice.
What's that, all of the sudden!? What nice about me? (Laugh)
In many aspects. You were very attentive.....
You brought throat medicine when I did stage play.
Because your voice was like a New Halfs(transsexuals) (Laugh)
I think I just happened to have that medicine, didn't I?
No, no! You brought it for me. I remember it.
Is that so?
You noticed that my voice did not come out by a Music program and gave me the medicine the next day.
Thanks to you, I was able to do the next performance properly.
Riida has an aesthetics of not to say.
People might think he is irresponsible because he doesn't say anything,
But he is not irresponsible, he does things he supposed to and he also does the things he wants to do.
I think he allows many things.
Matsujun has his own vision in his head but he does listen to others.
I think that's great. So I think Matsujun has wide capacity too. But he is stubborn.(Laugh)
Well, This guy is stubborn too. (Laugh)
I got so angry when we did "West Side Story" together. (Laugh)
Did anything happen?
Remember? The stage director told us "Please create the rivalry even before the performance starts."
Aah. That ne. (Laugh)
(He approached Matsumoto kun's face and stared) At that time I had face like this.
I didn't want to lose. Not to Matsujun, but myself.
At the wings of the stage, Even though I said "Move!" as Bernardo, this guy didn't move stubbornly.(Laugh)
That was, I felt "This area is our territory" and we go on to the scene which we appear pleasantly,
Although it is a wing of the stage, if we lose in that place, we will not come out to the stage comfortably.
So I didn't give in. (Laugh) The last half of play I told Matsujun "Let me kick your butt once." and I kicked.(Laugh)
Right. We did that. We made sure everyone is gone and kicked each others butt.(Laugh)
But I can never co-star with Riida on the stage. Because I can't help laughing.(Laugh)
Me neither. I can't.
This concert tour, there are intervals, it's rather fresh.
That's right! It was fresh every show when we did "Dream A live"
I will rehearse myself when there are intervals between shows.
When I worried about choreography, I'll check it in my head.
The audience will be looking forward to it and I want to enjoy it too. How about you, Riida?
Since it's our 10th anniversary and I think our fans have various thoughts.
I had a feeling that it will be very special.
I'm working out now...
Is that so. What do you do?
Maa, Sit-ups. ...I'm working out for fishing too. (Laugh)
What's that? (He stares Ohno kun)
Because Kokuritsu is outdoors, will be getting sun light.
Therefore, I'm training by going fishing so I won't be defeated by the sun.
And I'm also training with heavy reel, so I don't get tired with the microphone!
A microphone is not that heavy!
Since the top of the ship shakes, it is good to train sense of balance too.
But I came to feel sick when I danced normally the other day. (Laugh)
What is that! (Laugh)

credits: kikinini

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