septiembre 25, 2009


One week complete of arashi that is brilliant, this way it is as the boys celebrate their 10 years and that for us is the best thing. Already they even removed logo from this event


Good then this super day consistira of the following thing: some cumpliran with 50 hours in different programs of television transmitter NTV from them are the following:

Zoom In Super


Jinsei ga Kawaru Ippunkan no Fukaii Hanashi

Majotachi no 22 Ji

Guruguru Nainai

Kinyo Road Show

Tensai! Shimura Doubutsuen

Gyouretsu no Dekiru Houritsu Soudansho

3-Jikan Nama Housou Special



And to finalize they would spend 3 hours followed and live of pure experiments, not yet there is date for this super event but they only imagine to the boys in all these programs is going to be brilliant.

Next 30 of September more information

Also a cm of the boys promoting the special one:

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