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Aqui les dejo la traducción de esta revista ojalá les guste lo que los chicos dicen bueno lo que digan nos parece genial , increíble , etc. cierto chicas sea lo que sea jajajaja...!

t seems like we heard "Memorable 20th singles release!" recently,
But now It's the 26th single in total in no time.
And "All the BEST! 1999-2009" which includes all the singles which will be released on August 19th.

Which one was our 20th single?
Was it "Happiness"?
I see. We released 6 more singles since then.

We were allowed to release a lot, especially this year.
That's right.
I heard that it's not that easy to get the first limited editions everytime.
I was told that too.
I got a text from my mom about it. Sha said "There is no first limited edition!"

That's right.
Every time you guys release new singles,
Fans are desperate to get first limited edition.

Is that so. (Surprised)
Even it's a limited edition, I thought that it was put in the store plenty.
ARASHI, I'm so happy for you.
The meaning of "limited" is accomplished.

I'm happy too. (Crying)
Although I feel bad for all of the fans to have hard time getting reservations,
but this time it comes with Disc 3 which containing 10 songs chosen by the 5 of us.

So when I heard everyone's looking forward to it, I feel it was worth selecting.

Was it hard to narrow down to 10 songs from the quite a few songs including the songs from the album?
I think. Especially Sho chan. Because one song was decided for him already.
Yes. Ohno san decided for me.
At first, we each chose 3 songs, then we discussed and narrowed it down to 10 songs.
But Ohno san said, "I thought Sho kun will chose this song, so I dare not choose that one."
...So I felt I had to choose that song. (Laugh)
What was about that Ohno selection (Laugh)
Because that song had strong image of Sho kun

Even I listen to it from the beginning, I think I will feel may things.
It's 10 years.
I wonder how long it will take to listen to the whole thing.
It will take a lot.
I want to try it.

Try it. (Laugh)
You don't need to wait for the album to release to do that!
Why don't you do that first then tell us the result!
That's not it! I want to do it with the actual album.
Don't you understand that feeling?

Not like jump ahead than everyone else.

Even if you hear the present voice and compare it with a voice 10 years ago, the change is interesting!?

10 years ago, Satoshi kun was 18 years old and Matsujun and Nino were 15 or 16 years old?
It's quite different from now. After all, the time of 10 years is amazing.
Did our voice change?
I think we did a little, didn't we?
Of course we did.
I think we did.
Everyone has grown up. Riida is almost 30 years old?!
And he's absorbed to Maiko san (Japanese dancing geisha) even now.
Eh~, Let us explain it to you.
There was a book which introduces Japan that was in the guest room in a hotel where we interviewed ARASHI.
Ohno kun was staring at a page that had a Maiko san (Japanese dancing geisha),

Hey! You better be involved in this interview. Say something.
I wonder if Maiko sans wear wigs?

When the song titles are put in order, there are many weather related titles in the early days
Then, it's changed since "Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru".
Has it changed a lot?
The next song "Jidai" too. It's different entirely in the songs at that time.
Recently, I listened to "Jidai" again, and I thought the song is cool.
I used to listened to the one which was arranged for concerts a lot,
I felt it's cool when I listen to single "Jidai"

It has a different tempo.
That's right. It was fresh.
Then, from the next song, "a Day in Our Life" has changed.

While Aiba san was saying really nice things,
Ninomiya san was looking through Monthly Television and found the ad for "The Television HOMME"!
He showed everyone the phrase "Koge men"

It can't be real, "Koge men" (Laugh)
How come!?
Ohno san, you finally did it. (Laugh)

His time has come!
When you say "Koge men" it's either Ohno Satoshi or Matsuzaki Shigeru.

I will get more tan then.

Hey wait! Let us explain to you.
"Koge men" means The man who are shinning with a passionate mind.

Ah~, I see.
So it isn't a really a tanned person.
That's right. Riida, you must continue to be careful not to get too tanned.
.....Hai. (Laugh)
Let's get back.....
Un. Maa, There are memories in each song and remembers many things with it.
How about the see through out fit for "A.RA.SHI"
Also speaking of costumes,
"Nice na Kokoroiki" too.
We had our hair parted at the side and wore suits.

And wore glasses too. We couldn't tell who is who. (Laugh)
We all wore the same outfits ne!
We sung "Kimi no Tame ni Boku ga Iru" for USJ(Univerasl Studio Japan) before it opened.
That was for Music Station!
Yes, yes. I thought we are able to enjoy all the attractions before everyone else,
but after we finished singing, the car came and we were forced to get in.(Cry)

We couldn't see the Attractions, Fireworks, nor Schwa chan( Arnold Schwarzenegger who was the guest for the opening event)
We wanted to meet Schwa chan. We were so close to him but just watching him through the monitor.
Didn't we sing "SUNRISE Nippon" in front of the Tokyo tower?
That was the one where Matsunii came.
He did. He did!!
I think TOKIO Niisans were working near by studio,
Matsuoka kun came by when he heard that we are going to film the song.

Then, he bled. (Laugh)
(Sho chan burst out laughing)
That's right. I think he hit his forehead.
I think he has hit it because he ran so fast and hit his head on the set. (Laugh)
(Sho chan still laughing so hard)
We said, "Matsunii~ You're bleeding!!"
Then he borrowed an Uchiwa from our fan and hid his scar but still entertained us.
He is so cool, Matsunii.
( Sho chan seems to be dying from too much laughing)
It was so funny. He is the best Senpai. (Laugh)

Old stories are always fun.

Your 10th anniversary tour will start from that memorable Kokuritsu Kyogijo.
What it will be like?

Ohno san please tell them about it!
You will be able to listen to the BEST album entirely...the feeling like
That means you won't be able to listen to the entire album. (Laugh)
How much can they listen?
What about the image Ohno san has?
U~n. I think they will feel like they listened to the entire songs.
I think they can go home without thinking that we didn't play certain song.

If your favorite song was excluded, please listen to it by CD on the way home.
That's sad. (Laugh)
I want to make it to the concert with appreciation for the people who have supported us.
I think so too.
I think it will be hard doing a rehearsal in this season.
I think we will get tanned.
The last year we did it in September, and still we got tanned during rehearsal.
We will be burned.
We will become "Koge men"
No time to get burned. Not only a concerts, more fun things are jam-packed for this year.
We better appeal that to the each media. Even though, ARASHI are still available for later half of 2009.
We can do more!
What should we do? If some junior high school called us and asked to perform for their school festival?
School festival for our 10th anniversary? (Laugh) It will be trouble if we get too many requests for that. (Laugh)
Well, well, If they insist, We will send our Koge men(Ohno) alone to perform. Since he is the passionate one.
He may go to your city alone and talk about his passionate thoughts.(Laugh)
(Stunned look)
Continuously, We are accepting offers for ARASHI


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