agosto 16, 2009

Traduccion de revista "Josei seven"


What compliment would you be happy to hear?

If it is possible to praise me, anything is nice.
Nino will be happy when told " He is good at acting"
However, he doesn't show his feelings when actually praised. (Laugh)
Matsujun...(Looking at the picture of him on the desk) "He is beautiful"
That's not it.(Laugh)
"He is Do S!"
It's out of question!
I will be happy when told "You never changed"
Like my old friend tells me that "You don't change at all!"
I think Aiba kun would be "Do you get depressed?"
Because he likes being cheerful.(Laugh)
To me, "Your big toe is long" I think.
No one will guess that!
To Aiba chan, it will be "He is Baka" Right? (Laugh)
To Riida, "You look better when you are tanned."
Since he was told that he got too dark from fishing, so I think he will be happy if its approved
"You are good at drawing" Right?
Because this guy is simple, when saying something like that, he will be all right.
(Smiling more)


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