julio 29, 2010

Magazine ~ The TV ZOOM!!! [嵐] [DOWNLOAD]

But what accounts for Jun jejejejeje, this time all the kids have gone in a magazine and I can imagine they look amazing, of course as always, all so happy, that really like to see them ^ ^ and you say girls?

Enjoy the magazine

Pero no todo lo acapara Matsumoto jejejejeje , esta vez han salido todos los chicos en una revista y ya se imaginaran se ven increíbles , claro como siempre , todos tan felices , que gusta mucho verlos así ^^ y ustedes que dicen chicas?

Disfruten la revista

"It is not the all magazine in the download is complete"

credits: hyuk7749 & winnielan

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Anónimo dijo...

I found your blog during searching Arashi magazine scans. Could I get the password of download link, please?
Oh, and I'd like to know, may I reupload and repost the pictures on my LJ crediting you, or just repost linking back to your blog and download link?^^ But I understand, if I can't. :) Sorry for my bad English, I understand a lot, but don't speak well. :D
My e-mail: hanmichi75@gmail.com

Leona dijo...

Hi, This is Leona again. ^^ Could you give the password for this download? My address is kuruume@gmail.com .I hope to hear your good news soon and thank you for your help in advance.

anix dijo...

Kyaaaa!!! Hace rato no los veía a todos juntos, me imagino que saldrán muchos scans con la promoción de su nuevo álbum, los espero con ansias, gracias por compartirlos con nosotras, me he vuelto una fanática de tu blog, mi mail es anixdelpiero@hotmail.com

Anónimo dijo...

matsu jun's tshirt is good on him

thanks you


lulu dijo...

Thanks for your commentary ^^
I sent the password and the answer to your question to your e-mail


lulu dijo...

Hola anix
he enviado la contraseña a tu mail espero disfrutes los scans ^^
Gracias por tu comentario

anix dijo...

Hola lulu

Gracias por todo, pero no se si es mi culpa, pero la contraseña para descargar la revista no me ha funcionado, o ¿será culpa del mediafire?, puedes comprobarla y enviarmela otra vez please, Onegai!!! Perdona la molestia.

Leona dijo...

Hi, Thank you for your e-mail and password. But I am very sorry to say but I could not download it with that password.
So If you don't mind, could you send password again?
( My e-mail is kuruume@gmail.com)

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, I am
Thanks for your e-mail! Could I get the password for this magazine?

lulu dijo...

sorry for this mistake x.x , I'll send a e-mail to all
Thanks again

Anónimo dijo...

wa!! ahora todos los chikos!!
como esperaba una revista asi donde estuvieran los 5 niños mas hermosos del mundo!!!
y como siempre se ven hermosos!!
muchas gracias por los scans!

ivy2c4 dijo...

Download links can give my your password??
Thank you...
My E-mail:ivy2c4@yahoo.com.hk

lulu dijo...

I sent the password to your e-mail

Leona dijo...

Hi, sorry for comment delay.
I could download with your new password.

Thank you for your kindness again. ^^

M dijo...


I found your page a while ago and have been enjoying reading the magazine scans ever since. I'd like to get the password to read this article.

Thanks so much for your hard work! :)
Email: dmbomn@gmail.com

Anónimo dijo...

Hello! hope your summer has been awesome ^^
thank you always for your uploads!
Im living in LA and I always appreciate your love for arashi!
Can't wait for the tour!

plz e-mail the pw: angelcinnamon@hotmail.com

paanchan dijo...

Please help me with the password :)
Thank you <3



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