julio 28, 2010

Magazine ~ Non-no [松本潤 & 大野智] [DOWNLOAD]


I love this pair when they come out in this magazine are always so funny ^ ^

Hope you like it

Adoro a este par cuando salen en esta revista siempre se ven tan divertidos ^^

Espero les guste

credits: Marjae & winnelan

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Leona dijo...

Hi, I am Leona and a kind of fan of you and your blog. If you don't mind, can I get the password for this download ?
My e-mail address is kuruume@gmail.com

lulu dijo...

I sent the password to your e-mail

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, This is again.lol

Can I get the password for this magazine?

Thank you sooo much!

lulu dijo...

Sorry but I can leave your email so I can give the password please ^ ^

Anónimo dijo...

I send you deeply gratitude for your sharing of joy to us. I'm disease by my bed all day, but I really enjoy fan-life together, thanks you.
If you don't mind, could I take your password?
My e-mail address is alma3170@gmail.com
I thank you again. Alma

lulu dijo...

HI Alma
Yes totally agree with you
Arashi fans are special and the best ^ ^
send you the password to your e-mail
Thanks for your commentary n.n

Anónimo dijo...

Hi, my name is Mina.
I requested the password for this magazine before, but my comment was kind of error, so I will request the password for this magazine again. My e-mail address is oh_yeah_subways*yahoo.co.jp(please change * to @)

Anónimo dijo...

I like these pictures, when there are just two member of Arashi.
e-mail: arina.ilovearashi@citromail.hu

paanchan dijo...

Please help me with the password :)
Thank you <3


Gabii Csillag dijo...

cuantas mas he de morir por ellos...
q lindos!!!!! >.<

me das la contrasñ? pliss? *-*

mxas mxas gracias



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