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Traducción a ingles de la AN · AN

La traducción esta super espero que les guste y pues la revista es la especial de los 10 años


I watch "Tensai! Shimura Dobutsuen" whenever I can.
And I'm thinking "Aiba chan is shinning!" while watching it.
Someday, I who love animals wants to be on it.
Also, I am thinking of getting a dog so I get some advice from him.
After all, he knows a lot about animals.
and he said "There are many breeders I can introduce you to"
I thought he is so reliable.
I've known him for a long time, but that is maybe the first time I thought he is reliable. (Laugh)

At the time of our debut, we went on the road to support volleyball games
I always stayed in the same hotel room as Aiba chan
Even though we had 10 hours of free time, we didn't do anything but watching TV without a word.
With Aiba chan, It's so weird that
I feel so comfortable even if we had no conversation in particular.
When we had a dance practice,
I know that he
works very hard and will always stay till the end and have lessons.
"Don't work so hard" I quietly tell him here.

He is ARASHI's mood maker(person who inspires others)
He is cheerful, he is easily moved to tears.
He is a person who makes the surroundings completely bright like the sun.
But I also have many concerns. (Laugh)
Though he checked many times for the rehearsal of a music program today, he couldn't dance at all.
He's been doing this for 10 years now, Is he alright? (Laugh)
After all, Aiba chan got soaked in sweat and was dancing hard at the actual performance.
His point we can recommend to a girl?
According from Aiba chan, "Can get in any zoo for free" so you won't have a problem going on a date.(Laugh)

Aiba kun became more energetic in these 10 years.
It seems fun working with animals, I hope he keeps going as it is.
But when I saw the scar he got from a Kangaroo on his shoulder, I was worried.
I didn't know that he was doing such hard work. I'll never be able to do it. I will just give up.
He is amazing that he challenges anything without complaints.


When I look back at these 10 years,
I think Matsujun is the one changed his hair style the most
Although his eyebrows have never changed.(Laugh)
Speaking of an unforgettable thing,
When I was sick and I wasn't able to go to work,

Matsujun went for me instead.
Moreover it was very early in the morning...
Even now, I appreciate that one truly!
Matsujun is the person who can pay careful attention to others,
and that doesn't change from the past.
Because I'm not good at such things, so I think Matsujun who can be attentive casually is cool.
Whenever we all go to a Yakiniku restaurant, Matsujun always takes the lead and cooks for us
Moreover, he serves it in a plate and divides it neatly.
Of course he is popular with girls, even I, a man, will also fall in love with him.
I think it will be fun going to a day trip Yakiniku tour with him in South Korea.
Matsujun will take care of everything, and I will say "I'm full, Shall we go home?"

When I met Matsujun for the first time, he was still little.
Moreover, he used polite language to me and I was a bit embarrassed.
He talks to me on equal terms now before I realized it. (Laugh)
A long time ago, we played roles who fought against each other in the play,
5 minutes before performance,
we stared at each other silently and we raised our spirit by a stage sleeve.
We were serious back then, but I will be laughing if we do it now.
If we get the same day off, I'll bring Matsujun to the park and play badminton.
And I want to see his face saying "What a pain!" (Laugh)
Although he is bothered about everything, still he would likely to do it with a smile.
That's how Matsujun is.

He is a typical blood A type. He can be attentive tenderheartedly.
But he also fairly keeps his own pace.
Matsujun's text messages are cute.
A emoticon of fireworks was used for the message I got from him on my birthday, and it was very fresh.
He also does background work like production in a concert. I think that is good.
I want to actually see how he produces artists other than ARASHI.
If we spend a day off together, I guess it will be at the movie theater.
Since he watched a lot of movies.
Or we can go to the DVD store together and have him pick one for me.

Though he became strong to everything in these 10 years, his gentleness doesn't change at all.
He was gentle back then, but that's becoming bigger
It isn't easy to be gentle to others, but Jun is really gentle.
Therefore I have no worries nor a request to Jun. Because he is perfect.
The other day, he even made a "SMILE"s staff T-shirts for me.
I happened to be in the next studio filming when he was taking orders for the T-shirts,
so I put my name, "Ninomiya" on the order form for a size M.
Then he texted me "Do you really want it?"
Oh, what happened to my T-shirts? (He asked the manger and got one)
It is just because we were allowed to do the drama for the same TV stations at the same time.
It was never like that before.
So when I think about it, Don't you feel deep emotion?
I will wear this T-shirts at my stage practice ne!


Nino is the type that hasn't changed his impression since the first time we met.My image of him, just playing games forever (Laugh)
He always pulls himself a step back and is watching his surroundings.
Probably for that reason, I often think that he has a completely opposite character to me
I think that he looks at everything from a different viewpoint from me.
What's great about Nino is that he's skillful with his hands.
He improved in magic all too soon
I honestly thought it is amazing.
If I spend a day off with Nino, it will be hanging out at the Manga Cafe and reading. I will have Nino show me his recommended mangas.
And we will sit at the couple seat, and we get absorbed into each world. something like that.

When I think about Nino, I have an image of Baseball.
We often play baseball together, and he used to say "I want to become a professional baseball player"
Did he give up that dream already? (Laugh)
I often go out to dinner with Nino privately.
If I were a girl and had to chose a boyfriend from the members of ARASHI, I think it will be Nino.
The conversation seems to grow lively smoothly, well, it's just an imagination
Recently, he mastered magic thoroughly at a professional level.
Even work or hobby, I think that being possible to be absorbed in one thing is what's great about Nino.

I can say that the charm of Nino is everything.
If I gave him a catchphrase, it will be "Almighty Man"
I especially, admire the progress of his magic skills.
Everyone forgets the demystification of the magic itself but admire the way Nino handles his fingers marvelously. (Laugh)
The best memory with such Nino is "Ohmiya SK" of course.
We were shinning back then....
But even now, my zeal over "OhmiyaSK"s re-formation has not changed.
If I get day off suddenly, I will ask Nino out and go to some fancy good store
I'm so curious what he "The Almighty man" will buy at the store.
I occasionally think that I do not want to be defeated by Nino.
For example, if Nino would go to Roppongi Hills for a date,
I would go to a more newer place such as Midtown. (Laugh)
I wonder why I feel that way.
Nino is a man who can sense situations.
He is quick witted and good at listening to others.
I got saved by him many times when I'm in charge of MC.
I feel that especially when we have a guest older than us on our variety show.
Everyone opens up to him.
And Nino is the Man who is skillful. He can handle anything.
I think the magic which he is into recently is the prime example.
Without any effort, he can do it well easily.
If Nino weren't in ARASHI, I think he should be an author.
He wrote a song for his solo, it has a very good view of the world.
There is a tale in the lyrics which he wrote.
Therefore I want to read the thing which he wrote as a work.
If I ask him to go out, it will be to a BBQ
Since his image is indoor, I want to take him outside.
But, even if he came, I think he may be playing games in the corner. (Laugh)


He asserts his favorite things, like a having art exhibition and something he wanted to do, and he has an expanding the world one after another, I think that is a good.
Though I had an impression that he cares about his surroundings and forced a smile back then.
But the lately he is not caring about his surroundings at all.(Laugh)
But in ARASHI, his looseness is really good.
He is picking his nose while being interviewed right now.(Laugh)
Well, the other day, I was surprised when he
suddenly gave me clothes.
When I said that I liked clothes I wore for a photo shoot,
He said " Then, I'll get it for you" and he bought it for me
I thought he is generous.
But I wonder what that was about?
Next time, I will give him something in return. (Laugh)
If I go somewhere with Riida?
U~n. I think I want to go to fishing together.
And I'll film Riida fishing for a long time with a camera.
I want to show our fans what Ohno Satoshi is like normally!

When we went to Hawaii for ARASHI's debut event,
Everybody else went to play in between work,
but Riida and I stayed in the room and did nothing.
We went to have some Ramen when we got hungry
I now think we should've eaten something local and did something in a Hawaiian style. (Laugh)
However, it is a good memory now.
These days he often goes fishing, so he gets sunburned.
Isn't he too tanned...I'm worried.
I love Riida's looseness in a good way.
I think that only Riida can create that kind of atmosphere, and it relaxes me.
Will you go golfing together next time if we get the same day off?
We never hit the golf course together, but I think Riida is good at it.

Riida is one of a kind. Very strange.
The other day, after we finish filming a variety show, He said "Oh, I forgot to say a word"
Can you believe it?
I thought this guy is unreal.
I want Riida to take me fishing again.
Because it was so much fun last time we went.
When we went fishing, he prepared everything,
Fishing poles and lures and he took care of everything.
He never took care of anything at the anywhere!
I was able to see Riida's big brother like part.
With Ohno san, we used to say that "We want to quit" at the time of our debut
I don't remember when we stopped thinking about those,
but now we both appreciate what ARASHI have done to us.
Ohno san will never change.
I guess he's only grown in age.
He doesn't hide anything,
To explaining Ohno san, I think it's the best to say that he is just like what you watched on TV.
What? Toma said that "Ohno kun is never upset about anything, He had a charisma"?
I don't know, but I don't feel any charisma on him.(Laugh)
Because I'm with him for a long time.
It's so nice of him enjoy the things he likes freely, such as drawings, making figurine or fishing.
But he should be careful of getting too tanned.
It's okay to go fishing but if you get too tanned it will cause a problem with work.


Sho kun is a dedicated person.
Whether he is working or in private, he does everything in perfect order.
When I text him, he will reply right away.
On days off, he is the type to make a plan neatly and manage the schedule.
Because I'm the type which goes out without deciding what to do when I'm off.
So I think that he who neatly decides and acts neatly is admirable.
I think that his having changed most in these ten years is having started work in a news media
Surely I think that it is the field that he wanted to do all the time.
So that it's really wonderful that he turn that into a job.
Above all, a newscaster suits him very well.
As Sakurai Sho which is different from ARASHI,
I think it is very good that he has the place to which things are told in his own word in his line of vision.
I will continue to support "NEWS ZERO"!

Do you remember, the last time we went to buy clothes at Roppongi Hills in between work.
We were like couples and saying "What do think of this one? Does this looks good on me?"
I guess the shop clerk must of been turned off by that.(Laugh)
But it was an unforgettable memory with Sho kun.
Ever since Sho kun's dream to become a newscaster came true,
He reads the newspaper every morning and I'm so proud of him.
He would of probably been a school teacher if he didn't become an idol.
He has knowledge, and seems to be good at teaching.
He would surely become popular among the students.
But I think Sho kun is suitable for this industry.
It doesn't limit it to a serious news programming,
he can show his originality even by the drama and the variety shows.
The diversity of work and the flexibility are splendid!
But how come your body is so stiff?
When you break your arm muscle during arm wrestling
I couldn't believe that part of your body was stiff too!?
If you are planning to go to a Yoga class, I will come with you.
I often run into Sho kun in my private, by chance.
I was so surprised to see him at the Tenjin festival in Osaka.
When I met Sho kun by chance while there were tens of thousands of people, I was really surprised.
I think we have a similar wavelength.
He said, "I want to become a caster" for a long time,
When his dream was fulfilled, I was happy too.
I'm always watching Sho kun reading News on television,
since I can't do that so I still think it's amazing! (Laugh)
However, when he is on the variety program....
What is that gap!?
But that is Sho kun's characteristics, so please stay as is.
Sho kun's drawings, I love them.
If I were a girl, I will definitely be in love with them
Because it is possible to laugh deeply at any time if his drawing is seen. (Laugh)
I went fishing with him once for a magazine coverage,
Do you remember you said "Let's go privately next time."
I haven't forgotten that promise!

Not to mention his Intelligence and fast thinking,
What's amazing about Sho chan is, that he understands perfectly the contents about which he is talking.
That's why there is no contradiction in a flow of his talk, his words and expression is accurate.
It is not that anyone can do. I think.
Although for such Sho chan, I want him to reach to an extreme from now on is,....
("Hip Hop, right?" Sakurai san breaks in)
No, it's a comedy.
That comic skit he did with Zabungle san and Antoki no Inoki san were a smash hit in me
Things I concerned about him, that he doesn't know when to stop.
When he wanted to lose weight a little and started a diet, he won't know what a little is
Those I want him to be careful.


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